Leadership By Soul

What is Leadership By Soul?

Leadership By Soul is your monthly dose of leadership insight and perspective by SoulSystems CEO Jonathan Wilson. Look for [ … ] Read More

Big Boss: How (Not) To Use Your Power

There are two basic kinds of power in organisations, and each plays a role in achieving powerful outcomes. Main [ … ] Read More

Dark Night

The Dark Night of Leadership

Progress, collapse, recovery and the making of healthy leaders. Main Article: Here’s the kind of story we like in [ … ] Read More

Leading Change

Nothing that changes the world is accomplished by those who won’t change their own lives to make it happen. [ … ] Read More


How Is Your Team Performing?

How Is Your Team Performing? Introducing the Collaboration Matrix. The Soul Systems’ Collaboration Matrix™ tool assesses whether or not your team has built two critical pieces of an effective [ … ] Read More

The Power Of Trust: 3 Steps for Powerful Business Transactions

The Power Of Trust: 3 Steps to Generate, Strengthen, & Accelerate Powerful Business Transactions from Soul Systems Do you want to achieve high performance in your organization or collaboration? [ … ] Read More

News & Updates

Superb Insights into a New Kind of Workplace

Soul Systems strategic partner, Marv Franz, has just published a co-authored book, The Inspired Workplace, in which he and Dr. Hugh Drouin share profound but highly practical insights and tools [ … ] Read More

Soul Systems Consultant Shows Power of Strategic Information in AIDS Response

Before Big Data was the trend it is now, information acquisition and use helped drive a strategic response to the HIV and AIDS pandemic.  This is the subject of [ … ] Read More

Editor's Choice

Adventure in Life & Business

  Leadership consultant Jonathan Wilson describes his love for adventure, the fears he’s had to face, and the perseverance he’s learned: first in remote wilderness, then in competitive cycling, [ … ] Read More

What Rwanda can teach us about good and bad business

A visit to Rwanda shortly after the infamous genocide shed a compelling light on the current economic spirit of miserliness and profiteering. In short: business done out of self-interest [ … ] Read More