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Speakers & Topics

Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan has the ability to delve deeply into the personal journey of leadership and then turn and soar up to the big picture view and the major strategic and philosophical questions of business today.  Jonathan weaves together tested leadership principles with gripping stories from both jungle and boardroom.  Jonathan frequently includes his acclaimed photographs from remarkable parts of the world and events in history.  You can learn more about Jonathan’s speaking at leadbysoul.com.

Styles: inspirational keynote, academic lecture, or a combination of both.

Themes: executive and team leadership, strategy, change management, leadership, transformation, capitalism, CSR, strategy

How many great speakers on leadership draw on their experiences from living in the centers of conflict in Africa and growing up in tribal New Guinea? The audience was mesmerized by the stories, moved by the insights, and fundamentally changed by the experience.

Michel Neray, host of MoMondays and past president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

I was blown away by Jonathan Wilson’s ability to captivate an audience.  He took his far-reaching experience and turned a fascinating tale into why company culture matters.  The message he delivered was clear – you might lack leadership now, but it’s never too late to turn your company around.

Mike Drolet, Global National News