We are a team of management consultants dedicated to effective leadership that results in high-value organizational impact.  We bring to you:

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How We Help You

By providing proven processes and guidance to your senior team, we help your company increase and strengthen its leadership in the marketplace. Our results demonstrate this:

  • a Fortune 500’s business unit moves in eight months from a 57% to an 88% score in management effectiveness and 31% to 70% in engagement.
  • a historic Canadian not-for-profit is able to strategically redistribute resources and eliminate waste with the effect of improving cost efficiencies by 12%.
  • hidden value (and thus profit) drivers are uncovered by companies in the US, Canada and South Africa.
  • damaged executive team relationships in US and Canadian firms are transformed, resulting in greater personal reward and performance.
  • seventy diverse interest groups  deliver a united advocacy initiative to government – and win vital concessions.
  • a forty-year-lifecycle strategic review and leadership succession planning process for an 18-country (four continent) organization results in successful transitions for several functions in the global leadership team.

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We hired Soul Systems to run a high-level strategy process with our management team. The core of the process was identifying our company’s “soul” – the key drivers that make our business most successful. After this we worked out how to apply these insights most effectively. The precise defining of these drivers gave us great clarity on what opportunities and prospects to pursue.  We now have a great filter that allows us to focus our resources very efficiently.  We gained a clear understanding of what we do best and a common language to describe it. This has significantly improved focus and alignment.In addition to distilling key insights out of complex organizational realities, we achieved the resolution of difficult interpersonal conflicts that had existed between some team members.”

Steve Martin, CEO, Automated Logic Canada

We achieved a big breakthrough with Ennova and their partner, Soul Systems. They helped us  discover the drivers in our business model that are key to our ability to value-disrupt the Juvenile Justice System in the US. With this deep how-we-differentiate insight in hand we moved quickly  to resolve the big barriers that were slowing our progress. What amazed us is the incredible speed at which this work progressed. What we normally would expect to take weeks, or months, to uncover and assess, they were able to accomplish in days.
Keller Strother, Chairman, Evidence Based Associates