Our work at Soul Systems is informed by decades of experience in vastly diverse settings and alongside some of the great leaders of our time. As a result, we have a clear understanding of the kind of leadership it takes to deliver optimal performance that yields tremendous value for the customer: lasting value.

Our Passion

Business that Matters

We are passionate about a flourishing marketplace:

  • in which businesses full of thriving individuals
  • work with one another and customers in dynamic collaboration
  • to create lasting value
  • that comes right from the soul of their company
  • and makes life on this planet work well.

And that applies to everything from delivering the most delicious loaf of bread to improving the efficiency of the supply chains that support our communities.

Our Ability

Value that Lasts

Soul Systems’ unique contribution to leaders lies at the confluence of our distinct experiences, skill and learning (often in the school of hard knocks):

  • senior leadership experience in medium to large sized organizations;
  • Extensive study, thought and writing in the field of effective organizational leadership and business;
  • International experience in diverse sectors and cultures, and in high-stakes situations (even life and death).
  • A high sensitivity to human dynamics coupled with a rigorous commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

We have learned to work with leaders in the way that is most helpful to them:

  • to provide insight, perspective, and knowledge;
  • and expert facilitation and process implementation skills;
  • that allow leaders and their teams to significantly increase their effectiveness in building high-performance companies that create meaningful value.

Our Mission

Leadership Beyond the Bottom Line

Our mission is therefore to enable men and women to lead their organizations with soul and skill, releasing their teams to create value that extends far beyond the bottom line in both impact and duration.