Leadership is proven only under constraint: no vision comes easily, strategic plans run onto the rocks of sudden and unexpected change, conflicts arise within teams.

Leadership is a long but rewarding adventure towards impact: for your reports, colleagues, and customers. On the way, wisdom and skill has to be acquired, choices discerned, relationships cultivated, and failures transformed.

With self-understanding, the right skills for the season you’re in, and the right people alongside you on your leadership journey, challenges will transform into successes, and successes into legacy.

Soul Systems’ advisors are all former senior executives with significant leadership experience, from Fortune 500s to global NGOs, and who have had to deal with everything from corporate strategy to violent political conflict. We equip our clients with:

  • Deep insight into their leadership styles and strengths, with precise guidance on how to leverage them.
  • Processes and tools to build strong and unified teams of very diverse individuals, ensuring collaboration instead of conflict.
  • Development opportunities for leadership teams to renew and learn together, such as leadership retreats.
  • Talent development strategies, including succession planning.
  • Inspirational keynotes for conferences.

Get Started with a Leadership Check-Up™

The Leadership Check-Up™ is a powerful online assessment tool followed by a one-on-one debrief between you and one of our experienced leadership coaches.  We use the Birkman Method®, to provide you with accurate and detailed insight into:

  • Your strengths (your most effective behaviours);
  • Your most crucial needs (your psychological fuel), and;
  • Your stress challenges: the main stress behaviours (which are always less effective) that occur when your needs go unmet for an extended time.

You will take away a detailed self-understanding of where your leadership effectiveness lies, and how to leverage these effective behaviours.  At the same time, we help you understand how to fuel your needs so that you can avoid the stress behaviours that can undermine your leadership.

(You can also use the Leadership Check-Up™ for your team members.  The reports we can generate will not only help each of your fellow leaders reach the same critical insights about their leadership, they will also help you know how to collaborate with each other at maximum effectiveness).

Start your check-up with a FREE 30 minute leadership consultation. Call us at: 
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[My coach’s] life experiences and approach inspired me … he helped me identify tangible opportunities to become a better leader and more importantly to prioritize key leadership attributes for my specific role and responsibilities.  He built rapport very quickly which made his involvement in strategic discussion with my team very immediate.

If you are open to fresh perspectives and tangible ideas to change your business or improve your leadership I would sincerely challenge you to use Soul Systems…we have only benefited.”
Robert Walesa, GM, Unitron Canada


A tremendous learning experience that has broadened my thought patterns and taught me much about leadership – understanding change [in particular] made the biggest impact on my life and work.”

Senior leader-in-training