Technology matters, but value is created by people, for people. When the creative process is fuelled by ingenuity and diversity, magic happens. The trouble is, difference is also the primary source of conflict.

Add to this the speed of change via social networks, rapid shifts in consumer behaviours, the emergence of Industry 4.0 technologies, and virtual teaming capabilities, and you have a heady mix of risks and opportunities.

With disciplined creativity you will generate new and better value for your customer, grow your business, and develop resilience in the face of today’s rapid and massive changes.

Soul Systems provides:

  • The InnoSurvey®, the world’s leading innovation diagnostic tool that helps you know what to focus on to meet your strategic priorities.
  • Proven innovation frameworks to generate and manage solutions that wow your customer and secure your future.
  • Years of expertise gained in some of the most challenging corporate and socio-political situations you can imagine.

Get Started with an Innovation Check-Up™

The Innovation Check-Up™ is for companies with great ideas or important goals that require significant levels of innovation, and who want to identify and bridge the gaps between where they are now and the realization of their ideas and goals.

The check-up is easier than a trip to the dentist, and will enable you to:

  • Gain richly detailed insight into your innovation capabilities, leadership and culture—both at a big-picture level and with a deep dive into 66 key areas.
  • Precisely pinpoint blockers preventing you from executing optimally on your strategy.
  • Identify key innovation drivers to align your capabilities to your strategic initiatives.
  • Identify the 3-5 immediately actionable, best-practice steps that will close gaps and leverage your strengths for future success.

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We hired Soul Systems to manage a difficult and high-stakes multi-stakeholder process over the course of eighteen months.  With tremendous skill and dexterity they drew over a dozen supply-chain organizations (including competitors) into mutual trust and willingness to work synergistically on shared priorities.  From there we were guided into a strategic planning process in which we identified critical solutions for our sector and built collaborative delivery plans.  Three years on we are still reaping the rewards with high levels of cooperation between stakeholders and delivery of strong HR solutions to our sector.”

Kevin Maynard, CEO, Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council