In a world of complexity and change, what drives your company’s strategic decisions? The innovations of competitors? The buying trends of customers? The economic climate?

What is the best way to leverage your people and your culture? What innovative ideas should you take risks with, and when? What market segments should you enter, and why? How will you properly measure and evaluate performance? How will you respond to surprises?

An effective strategy is built on the answers to these questions.

With the right information, the right thinking, the right processes and the right tools, you will get a strategy that your team will understand, believe in, and execute with passion.

We equip our clients with:

  • Deep insight into what’s important for their business at this time, based on their DNA, industry and market trends, and the size of their ambitions;
  • The type of strategic plan that is therefore right for them;
  • Plans that are focused, rational; and highly executable;
  • Dashboards that measure impact as well as the key performance factors that are needed to achieve that impact (supported by strategic information systems).

The result: we have a track record of successfully executed strategies in a very wide range of industries (see Experience).  We have enabled small and nimble strategies for companies under duress, and large change and disruptive strategies for companies with big ambitions.

Get Started with a Strategy Check-Up™

The Strategy Check-Up™ takes your senior team through a fast-paced, participatory and highly illuminating examination of your current strategy by analyzing your company’s core business drivers.  With us, you will map your business model, identify key points of comparison with competitor models, and identify trends within your industry and market that could significantly impact the future of your business.

You will gain:

  • A clear, visual map of your business model with its major components, giving you a simple but powerful framework for ongoing business strategy discussions with your team.
  • A short-list of critical points of leverage in your business model, which are often overlooked in the daily crunch of running a business.
  • A short-list of inconsistencies or gaps that undermine the impact of your business model, and what steps you can take to address these.
  • Clear future perspective: how to prepare your business model to respond successfully to competitor behaviours and market and industry trends.

Start your check-up with a FREE 30 minute strategy consultation. Call us at: 
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Soul System’s strategic planning process was revolutionary for the company. They helped us define what makes us uniquely us and what we can do that no one else can. Certain keys were placed in our hands which are at the heart of our business thrust today.”

David Larsen, CEO, Africa Media Online


I consider Jonathan Wilson [CEO of Soul Systems] to be among the very best consultants I have worked with. He has an exceptional mind. He is a strategic thinker, he is able to process multiple data sets simultaneously and he is incredibly insightful when it comes to understanding people’s experiences. We recently worked together on a complex project. Jonathan had a clear grasp of the issues and was very creative in helping me structure an approach that would resolve root causes.

Adrian Davis, CEO, Whetstone Inc.