How to unlearn the flawed assumptions that prevent us from transforming our world and ourselves.

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On a lonely mountain airstrip surrounded by rainforest, two foreign workers and their Yali tribal friend in possession of the wonderfully odd name, Fingernail, climbed into a small, single-engine propeller aircraft. The pilot gunned the engine until it sounded like an enormous and very angry bee, then released the brakes. The plane hurtled down the short slope then lifted into the air over the valley. Fingernail and the foreign workers were completely un-phased by this dramatic beginning to their journey. It was (and is) a quite normal part of life in the rugged, roadless interior of Papua.

Soon they arrived in a mountain town where they switched to a twin-engine passenger plane in which they flew to the coastal town of Sentani. Here they were collected at the airport for the drive to their final destination. Some minutes later, as the car wound along a narrow lakeside road, Fingernail asked with some puzzlement and indeed anxiety, “So when do we take off?”

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