Leadership is proven only under constraint: no vision comes easily, strategic plans run onto the rocks of sudden and unexpected change, conflicts arise within teams.

A person becomes a leader the day they take responsibility for the condition of the environment in which they find themselves, and does something about it. From there on, leadership is a long but rewarding adventure towards legacy. On the way, wisdom and skill has to be acquired, failures redeemed, and difficult decisions made that impact lives.

With the right people alongside you on that journey, challenges will transform into successes.

The Right People Alongside You

As a leader you need fellow leaders whose skills and temperaments complement their own, a board or boss that empowers you and holds you accountable, supportive friends on the sidelines … and, in crucial seasons, a person in a coaching or consulting role with whom you (or you and your fellow leaders in team) can:

  • freely process difficult circumstances or business-critical decisions
  • and intentionally pursue growth and improvement.

Corporate Support

We provide corporate support to leadership teams and boards:

  • in strategy and major change undertakings (here)
  • and in building effective organizational systems (here).

Individual & Team Support

To support individual or team leadership growth and performance, we provide:

  • Best-in-class assessment tools that profile your (and, when relevant, your co-leaders’) competencies and styles as benchmarked against thousands of data points (of other leaders surveyed, in turn representing thousands of other organizations and multiple industries and sectors).  These assessments yield rich insight that immediately benefits each leader but which also form the basis for a strategically relevant leadership growth plan.
  • Occasional, medium or long-term coaching that supports the leader to consistently act strategically, navigate high-stakes politics, constructively resolve conflicts, and personally flourish.  Overall, though, the coach is a trusted advisor in the executive’s progressive journey of developing leadership skill, insight and wisdom.
  • Customized training and development processes for leaders and leadership teams.  Designed around strategic learning objectives relevant to the organization’s leadership requirements, training utilizes a 70-20-10 ratio of experiential, on the-job learning (70%); just-in-time coaching (20%); and classroom or virtual training (10%).


Our leadership development work has been tested and proven in North America, SE Asia, Africa and Europe: in government, civic and commercial sectors; and with Fortune 500 companies to mid-sized firms.

Each of our consultants has occupied a senior leadership role and felt the adventure, the exhilaration, the isolation, the responsibility and the enormous stretching that comes with a leadership appointment. They understand both hard and soft issues, enabling them to ask questions and provide prompts relevant to your leadership. Our coaches are systems thinkers. They can recognize patterns you may be too close to pick up. They actively listen and adjust to your unique organizational culture.

[My coach’s] life experiences and approach inspired me … he helped me identify tangible opportunities to become a better leader and more importantly to prioritize key leadership attributes for my specific role and responsibilities.  He built rapport very quickly which made his involvement in strategic discussion with my team very immediate.

If you are open to fresh perspectives and tangible ideas to change your business or improve your leadership I would sincerely challenge you to use Soul Systems…we have only benefited.”
Robert Walesa, GM, Unitron Canada


A tremendous learning experience that has broadened my thought patterns and taught me much about leadership – understanding change [in particular] made the biggest impact on my life and work.”

Senior leader-in-training