Tools and methods are important, but value is created by people, for people. When the creative process is fueled by diversity, magic happens. The trouble is, difference is also the primary source of conflict.

Layer over this the speed of change in an interconnected world, geographically dispersed teams, and the growth of virtual teaming technology, and you have a heady mix of risks and opportunities.

Extraordinary levels of collaboration are possible, even with virtual work-teams: collaboration that yields deep insight, radical creativity, and higher value for the customer — and resilience in the face of change.

Collaboration, Change & Creativity

Soul Systems has experience in radically diverse environments: from remote tribes in tropical rainforests to warring politicians in Africa; from the last wildernesses on earth to the virtual boardrooms of global for-profits and non-profits. The result is that we possess deep insight into the human behaviours that fuel collaboration. Combine trust with increasingly powerful web-based technologies to ensure that soul + systems = high yield collaboration.

Building High-Yield Collaboration Systems

A common challenge in our international and increasingly web-based business environment is to build systems that drive innovation and performance quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality – and to effectively team people in these systems when so often they are geographically dispersed.

We can help you design and custom-build systems to drive collaboration. Apply the collaboration best practises that are relevant to your desired outcomes, identify the appropriate technologies and then build a low-cost, user-friendly system, complete with guidelines and protocols.

Supporting Collaboration Processes

Soul Systems applies its collaboration insights and facilitative skills to:

  • Large multi-stakeholder negotiations or collaborations.
  • Developing alignment in executive teams.
  • Transforming interpersonal conflict into collaboration.
  • Turning customer relations into customer collaborations.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.

High Stakes

We hired Soul Systems to manage a difficult and high-stakes multi-stakeholder process over the course of eighteen months.  With tremendous skill and dexterity they drew over a dozen supply-chain organizations (including competitors) into mutual trust and willingness to work synergistically on shared priorities.  From there we were guided into a strategic planning process in which we identified critical solutions for our sector and built collaborative delivery plans.  Three years on we are still reaping the rewards with high levels of cooperation between stakeholders and delivery of strong HR solutions to our sector.”

Kevin Maynard, CEO, Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council