Our process design, facilitation and coaching services speak to the whole experience of the leader: setting clear purpose, developing and executing smart strategy, establishing relevant internal disciplines, and building trust with everyone whose collaboration is crucial to achieving that purpose.

In addition, we provide stimulating workshops, seminars and keynotes to inspire soulful and skillful leadership.


In a world of complexity and change, what drives your company’s strategic decisions? The innovations of competitors? The buying trends of customers? The economic climate? What is the best way to leverage your people and your culture? What innovative [ … ]

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Leadership is proven only under constraint: no vision comes easily, strategic plans run onto the rocks of sudden and unexpected change, conflicts arise within teams. A person becomes a leader the day they take responsibility for the condition of [ … ]

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Tools and methods are important, but value is created by people, for people. When the creative process is fueled by diversity, magic happens. The trouble is, difference is also the primary source of conflict. Layer over this the speed [ … ]

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We are experienced in public speaking, delivering keynotes, lectures and more interactive seminars.  Here’s a sample of what each of us can offer, but the best keynotes are customized, so give us a call or email us to let [ … ]

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